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 As a Kuban Black Sea Cossack, I strive to share my passion for my culture and customs with the world.

I was born into an old Cossack family and raised following very strict Cossack customs and traditions.

I developed an interest in edged weapons at an early age.  Later on, as an advanced collector of antique arms and armor, I frequently traveled around the world in search of old edged weapons and armor.

   In 2006, while doing some research on the subject of edged weapons in Northern India, I had the honor and privilege of meeting a great man and master blacksmith, Mr. Gopilal Bhanwarlal Lohar, the royal armorer in the court of the king of Mewar in Rajasthan, India.  His family has traditionally maintained this position for the last 275 years, since 18th Century King Bhim Singh to the current King Arvind Singh.  Mr. Lohar introduced me to some of his edged weapon making techniques, particularly the use of a variety of metals and materials.  I was stunned and impressed and at that time decided to change my course and start making knives.  I requested that he grant me an apprenticeship and he agreed.  For the next 3 years, I stood in his shop for approximately 3 months a year eagerly learning all he was teaching me on knife making.

  My knives are a manifestation of my personality and spirit, using antique steel in combination with modern high tech materials and designs.  I try to produce a very unique product with three things in mind: personal enjoyment, customer satisfaction, and creation of an ultimate tool.  I hope you enjoy your knife and much as I enjoyed making it. 

  Our pledge at Kazak Knives LLC is to establish a lasting relationship with our customers by exceeding

their expectations and gaining trust through exceptional products.

Cossack Code
…All peoples are equal; there are no peoples big and small.
Never regard the son of the other nation above you or less
intelligent than you. Be equally kind and open with everybody…
Remember that they judge your people from what you are!
Every word you say is the word of your people.
Remember, your soul belongs to God alone and may no human
Evils invade it not…

Oleksander Orebchuk-Bogdanovich

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